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Insurance Broker

With 28 years of business management, consulting, and sales management experience, I have been able to live life based on my true passion, which is to help and serve others to ensure that their needs are met. As a purpose oriented individual, I get to assist our seniors to better understand their Medicare benefits. My personal goal is to continuously seek growth, both personally and in business while creating an environment that shows respect and commitment to those whom we serve.


As a bilingual licensed Insurance Agent, I serve our community in both English and Spanish. I now want to help others achieve their own goals and expectations and to ensure they obtain the level of support they deserve.


My wife Laura and I recently created LaRey Insurance Agency with every intention of continuing to grow and to become the trusted mentors and support system to our agents, the communities we serve, and our team. We believe that only by helping others we fulfill our life’s purpose, and I have full confidence in knowing this is what we love doing and the perfect time in our lives for our new endeavor.


I truly believe that every human being has a chance to make a difference in the world, not just by working hard but by expressing unconditional love. I am married to my best friend and we both feel we are very fortunate to be able to share our dreams and expectations together. Today more than ever I understand that we are all a part of a perfect plan.